Latuvu wants the artists to discover the region of the Cathars (we advise you to read some history about them, or at least 'the Name of the Rose' (Umberto Eco). The region is rich in history, renown for it's light, permeated by history in every pore…

The focus for our residencies is mainly 'the landscape' in its broadest sense and open for artists of all disciplines.


The selection of artist is based upon:

We are open for unique proposals, especially ground-braking ideas, tell us about them.

Send the form (>DOCS) by email and join some pictures of your previous work or a link to a website where we could assert your type of work. Send us all relevant information so that we can evaluate your admittance.

2. Timetable

AIR Latuvu in principle only accepts residencies in spring or autumn for at least two consecutive months. To make sure the artists in residence integrate themselves to the most in the town, we limit the stay to 2 artists simultaneously; the partner of the resident is not invited, unless he/she is an established artist as well and is accepted.

All our residents come from another continent and donate at least 2 artworks tha are produced during the stay. More works can be donated in order to be sold so that artists with modest means can be 'sponsored' this way.

3. Acceuil

We can fetch you from the station of Narbonne, or the airport of Toulouse or Carcassonne and we accompany you for a day to do some shopping and show the way around the place.

4. Tours

Due to demand, we can organise 'tours' to discover the region and the artistic life, usually those tours span 5 days:

• Visual tour

We make you discover at least one Cathar Castle, the Mediteranean sea, the musée Fabre of Montpellier, the surroundings of Bages and the local gastronomy. We show you the landmarks and make you discover wonderful points of view. Moreover we help you to find some special spots to create art.

• Artistic tour

You can work for some days in a lithographers workplace under his supervision and tutoring, participate in landart, while we help you buy the materials for your art. Of course you can suggest or ask to visit some places of your liking.

5. Food

There's only one small groceryshop in Bages. Residents must provide for their meals themselves and can make use of the fully equipped kitchen.

There are some bikes and there is a bus you can take to go to Narbonne or the commercial zone with large shops.

6. Galerie

The artists in residence may freely use the galery on the groundfloor for an exhibition of their work during the last week of their stay.

7. End of stay

You should leave the house in exactly the same state you found it, and will take care of the house as if it were that of your mother-in-law.

Contact • LATUVU • 48, Rue de l'ancien puits, 11100 Bages • France • 06 08 36 22 77 (France)