Latuvu (L'as tu vu - "did you see" ) is a factual organisation for the promotion of art and artists of all kinds of disciplines and organises exhibitions, concerts, art-travels and gives foreign artists the chance of participating in the AIR project, Artist In Residence.

Every artform is a universal language with its own, not necessarily explicitly encoded or fixed meaning, which creates relationships and contexts that transcend nationality, religiosity or race. The artist who is said to live in her/his ivory tower, creates his own argot within this universal langauge. We like to think that by literally dis-placing the artists and grafting them to another culture, he or she can add phrasing, words and hues to their langauage. After all, the artist is a trailblazer for a unlimited, unbound, frontierless society. As Schiller wrote (and Beethoven used it in his 9th symphony) "Alle Menschen werden Brüder…"

Every selected artist (or collective) has to engage in a local 'project', an action that in a way benefits the local community. This could be anything the artists sees fit. It can be a project together with the local school, a lecture, cooking lessons, even babysitting, helping local merchants present their goods, making a movie, cleaning up a part of the lakeshore, helping the volunteers from the firebrigade, going on patrol with the forestrangers… The list is endless, but the projects should in a way enforce the local fabric or the environment. Projects can be very short or lasting the stay, that's up to the artist.

There's a second stipulation: the artist should present upon his return home to his/her community a statement about his experiences in France, in a way he/she feels fit.. Could be an artwork, a lecture, cooking lessons…

Contact • LATUVU • 48, Rue de l'ancien puits, 11100 Bages • France • 06 08 36 22 77 (France)