Due to demand, we can organise 'tours' to discover the region and the artistic life, usually those tours span 5 days:

• Visual tour

We make you discover at least one Cathar Castle, the Mediteranean sea, the musée Fabre of Montpellier, the surroundings of Bages and the local gastronomy. We show you the landmarks and make you discover wonderful points of view. Moreover we help you to find some special spots to create art.

• Artistic tour

You can work for some days in a lithographers workplace under his supervision and tutoring, participate in landart, while we help you buy the materials for your art. Of course you can suggest or ask to visit some places of your liking.


Contact • LATUVU • 48, Rue de l'ancien puits, 11100 Bages • France • 06 08 36 22 77 (France)